Cleveland Cavaliers Yet Again Atop ESPN Power Rankings

The Cleveland Cavaliers are, according to ESPN, the best team in the NBA. This comes after an impressive 3-1 week 12 from Cleveland.

Ever since Christmas Day, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been leading the way atop each weekly ESPN power ranking. With only a loss to the Bulls (in which Cleveland were shorthanded), those rankings are not changing.

ESPN writer Marc Stein said this about the Cavaliers:

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A team that ranks as one of the three best in the league in the catch-and-shoot business, alongside Houston and Golden State, just added catch-and-shoot maestro Kyle KorverLeBron James unexpectedly responded to what looks like such a favorable deal by pointedly calling for the Cavs to follow up by acquiring a seasoned point guard to back up Kyrie Irving, but the beauty of the Korver trade is that the Cavs, by virtue of shedding Mo Williams along with Mike Dunleavy, have the roster room to make another addition. On the scheduling front: Cleveland, believe it or not, is on the West Coast for the first time all season.

This is nice coming from of the best national writers but read the end closely. The Cavaliers will be on the West Coast for another four game which end in the Bay with the Golden State Warriors. Honestly, the only easy way for the Warriors to reclaim the top spot will be to win that game.

Regardless of every other game, the Cavaliers we know have proven that they can win, and they continue to deserve that top spot from ESPN.

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