Ten-year-old LeBron James Jr. is already very good at basketball

He's only 10 years old, but LeBron James Jr. already evokes comparisons to his father on the basketball court.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’ll be at least nine years before we might see him on an NBA floor, but LeBron James Jr. looks like he already belongs there.

James Jr., 10, played this weekend at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend tournament in New Orleans, and though we’ve seen it before, his performance was nothing less than impressive.

The most eye-popping aspect of James Jr.’s game is his nearly psychic court vision, a quality he most certainly inherited from his father’s genetics and training. And it’s not like he has a stark height advantage (yet) to provide a top-down view of the floor. While he’ll probably be able to get away with a brute-force approach through high school, it’s nice to know he demonstrates the passing wizardry that LeBron Sr. has blessed us with at the NBA level.

We’ve got a while to wait, and who knows what the future holds, but for now, wallow in the reality that a 10-year-old is probably better at basketball than you ever were.