Cleveland Cavaliers: Is Carmelo Anthony a Serious Target?

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony has had his struggles this season in New York, and now the recent Phil Jackson controversy could put him on the Cleveland Cavaliers radar.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have recently been active in the trading market. First it was Kyle Korver, and is it possible that Carmelo Anthony could the next target?

The owner of FanRag Sports and supposed friend of Phil Jackson, Charle Rosen, said this regarding a potential Carmelo Anthony trade:

He’s four months away from his 33rd birthday, his contract is humongous and contains a no-trade clause. It’s understood that he’d only accept being dealt to the Cavaliers or the Clippers.

Melo, who has seen his best days come and go, might also be open to accepting a trade sending him to any contender.

This New York Knicks have been a mess, and it seems that Carmelo has taken the heat from the entire city. Phil Jackson also is certainly not afraid of blowing this team up, and it might be smart for the sake of the Knicks to do so. Currently at 18-23, the Knicks could potentially make the playoffs with a strong second half, but for Jackson and the city of New York, a first round playoff exit will not suffice.

It is crucial to understand the demise of New York in order to accept that it is time to move on from Carmelo.

NBA: New York Knicks at Milwaukee Bucks

New York’s Royal Mistake

The New York Knicks make a pick in the 2015 NBA Draft that was iconically scrutinized until the first week of the season. Now, Kristaps Porzingis is the renown future of the Knicks, and they have already royally messed up.

This offseason the Knicks signed Courtney Lee, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Those three became three of the four highest paid players for the Knicks only behind the mega-contract of Carmelo Anthony. This was definitely the wrong way to go about improving this team.

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Instead, it might have been better for the Knicks to target the young free agents such as Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson. While both ended up having their offer matched, the Knicks could have thrown irresistible money their way.

Since they did not take this route to improvement, the Knicks are well behind the ball. With the demise coming, the Knicks may become the focal point of the trade deadline with an asset like Anthony that could be dealt. The problem with most teams is that Anthony’s contract is worth over $24 million.

At this point in the season, most teams have see the sudden struggles of New York and may stay away, thus killing the value of Carmelo Anthony. But, if he does leave, the Cavaliers could be an option for Jackson.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at New York Knicks

Could the Cavaliers Target Him?

Since J.R. Smith was paid this summer, it could make it easy for the Cavaliers to deal for Anthony. Smith’s $12.8 million contract along with Shumpert’s over $9 million is one of the only ways that the Cavaliers could complete this. While unlikely, Thompson could also be a trading piece.

But, the real question is should the Cavaliers target him?

My quick answer is a resounding no. Why? The Cavaliers are currently 29-10. They are on top of the East, and they have played excellent basketball against even the top West teams including that Christmas Day win over the Warriors.

If a team is playing well, why would the management mess it up by adding another superstar talent. The addition of sharpshooter Kyle Korver made sense, but adding a player that shoots 45.9% of his shots from pull ups is not quite the most logical way to improve the team. Melo is an excellent player, but his fit with the Cleveland Cavaliers is just hard to imagine.

Anthony, who is shooting the worst percentage from the field in his career, certainly could use a change in environment but hopefully not with the Cavaliers.

In my opinion, a trade for Carmelo Anthony is not something that the incredible David Griffin would bit on.

Let us know your opinion, do you think Anthony could make a good fit in Cleveland?

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