Cleveland Cavaliers: Are The Cavs As Good As We Think They Are?

Dec 25, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (32) celebrates with guard Kyrie Irving (2) after dunking against the Golden State Warriors at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland defeats Golden State 109-108. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the top dog in the Eastern Conference, obviously, but should they be considered the best team in the entire NBA?

After being atop the NBA after week 12’s ESPN power rankings, it is time to question just how great this Cavaliers team is. This team has been built to win a championship. GM David Griffin learned from LBJ’s Miami days that surrounding the King with shooters and a couple superstars is the way to the Larry O’ Brien Trophy.

The Cavaliers are actually not even a top three team in points per game. They are outdone by the fantastic offenses of Toronto, Golden State, and Houston. Toronto is the only Eastern Conference team, but the Cavs have had the luxury to rest their superstars multiple games.

The Cavaliers, who aren’t in the top 4 in offense rating nor in the top 10 in defense rating, have won the obvious, big games to prove they are the best. This is how the NBA’s best teams prove themselves. They win the big games. The Cavaliers are 7-0 against the top three teams in each conference- Toronto and Boston in the Each and Golden State, San Antonio, and Houston in the West.

So, yes, in short, the Cavaliers are as good as we thought they were. With the big 3 having their best collective season, the Cavaliers have the firepower to easily sweep through the East into the Finals trilogy.

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