Cleveland Cavaliers: 3 Potential Trades to Explore for the Cavs

Feb 1, 2017; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyle Korver (26) reacts after hitting a three-pointer during the second half against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavs won 125-97. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Feb 1, 2017; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyle Korver (26) reacts after hitting a three-pointer during the second half against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavs won 125-97. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been searching around for the right player to trade for, and we are going to propose three potential trades for them.

After successfully acquiring Kyle Korver in a fantastic deal, the Cleveland Cavaliers have recently been back on the trading market. One of the most recent situations was their being rejected in a trade involving the 76ers’ TJ McConnell.

They have also inquired about Deron Williams, and the talks with New York over Carmelo Anthony seem to be an ever-changing topic. The Cavaliers are looking for a cheap backup big, a quality player maker, or a backup point guard. While the latter is the most important, the Cavaliers have searched the market for all three.

With that said, it seems inevitable that the Cavaliers are going to trade with someone before the quickly approaching trade deadline on February 23rd at 3 PM EST. Keep that date in mind NBA fans.

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The Cavaliers have pieces to give up. If they acquire a backup point guard, there is little value for Iman Shumpert once J.R. Smith comes back. They also have guys like Jordan McRae and the forgotten man in Turkey’s Cedi Osman. Osman would most likely find an easier path into the NBA if his right weren’t with the reigning championships.

All things considered, the Cavaliers won’t be in the market to make some blockbuster deal, but they could surely make a trade that will send ripples throughout the entire NBA, and now we will evaluate three potential trades.

The Magical 3-Team Deal

In this deal the Cavaliers would be getting a playmaker and a backup point guard. The Magic would only trade away DJ, and the Nuggets could get more quality veteran presence in Frye and Jefferson.

Why Cleveland would do it- 

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the most to gain from this. They get two holes filled in their team while giving up three bench players. Their second unit would be composed of James Jones, Wilson Chandler, DJ, and a healthy JR Smith or even Kyle Korver.

The Cavaliers are giving away some size, so LeBron would either be asked to play more center (which he is capable of) or Thompson and Love would have to alternate breaks. Either way this would benefit Cleveland. Oh, and according to RealGM, Chandler wants out of Denver anyway.

Why Orlando would do it-

The Magic have point guards. They have Elfrid Payton and C.J. Watson. While they do have a Evan Fournier holding down the SG spot, they have Jodie Meeks behind him. Shumpert would significantly increase their backup shooting guard while the Magic would take a small drop off at point.

Why Denver would do it-

Like previously mentioned, Chandler wants out. The Nuggets have youth and could likely go find more young players to hold on their bench, but they are searching for a playoff berth. Give the Mile High a playoff berth. This starts with trading for a big that has the ability to shoot, which they lack, and trading for Jefferson who could be a veteran leader to even the “veteran” leaders in Denver.

Pace Yourself

This is a simple trade. Just a nice swap of C.J. Miles and Channing Frye.

Why the Cavaliers would do it:

There are certain players in this league that are underrated at what they do. I believe CJ Miles is one of them. Miles is three-point threat, averaging 2.1 threes per game. The lefty is shooting 43.5% from the field this season which is higher than average for him. Cleveland would have to play Jefferson more at the power forward position for this to happen, but getting a playmaker to Cleveland could be critical for their play run.

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Why the Pacers would do this:

The Pacers are one of the worst three point shooting teams in the NBA. They rank 26th in threes per game. In this day-and-age in the NBA, a team must be able to cash in from deep in almost all positions. Spreading the floor is key in order for a superstar to dominate. With that said, the Pacers have Al Jefferson, Thaddeus Young, and Myles Turner taking the majority of their power forward and center minutes.

Trading a bench player in CJ Miles for a splashing big man might be in their interest since they will definitely be finding themselves in the playoff baring some tragic meltdown.

Proposal #3: Tame the Wolves

Another simple trade. While Jefferson and Frye do add to the team, neither of them really make plays by themselves.

Why the Cavaliers would do it:

The Cavaliers could lock up a playmaker with this trade. While a trade involving a youthful Muhammad might also take a pick, it would be worth it for this Cavs team. Muhammad, just like Miles, is a left handed player that can get to the rack with ease. Bazz has scored just 8.8 points per game, and he has seen his playing time drop over the last three seasons. It is time for Minnesota to trade him before his value wanes.

Why the Timberwolves would do it:

The Wolves are composed of young guns. Young guns that are being coached by a strict Thibs, but nonetheless this team could use some extra veteran presence. While it may not be essential for the Wolves to do, this trade would also give them two shooters which would make sending any type of double at Karl-Anthony Towns difficult.

While none of these trades may happen, they all could be good solutions for the Cavaliers current dilemma. Let us know which of these if any would be your favorite in the comments!

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