CJ McCollum answered lots of questions while on a plane ride

CJ McCollum rides planes. He probably rides planes more often than most people. NBA players, generally, can expect to ride planes (Royce White excepted. (Although he’s not in the NBA any more.) Whatever.)))

What does CJ McCollum do on planes? How should I know? That’s his business, and I’m not going to investigate his personal life without invitation.

Oh look, here’s an invitation.

It’s already been gotten, unfortunately, but let’s hit some highlights. First off, everyone loves Portland, and CJ is a person.

CJ wants to stay. I want CJ to stay. But life is an unpredictable turnip of a thing. Mr. McCollum realizes that too, and since today is teacher day on Friendly Bounce, let’s let him teach:

Good advice from a good man. He also expounded a bit on the people he learned from:

Kaman is an interesting inclusion. We all know Chris is special, but I didn’t see that coming. But CJ sees things.

That “ESP” probably meant “especially,” but I’m going to pretend it meant “extrasensory perception” because it makes the tweet more fun.

Speaking of fun, let’s have that:

No goats for CJ. Noted.

CJ kept this going for almost an hour, and answered dozens of questions. He deserves credit for that.

But what about takes? Any takes we can get?

Awesome. CJ, one last question before we go. If you attach a rocket to a horse, does it become a plane in a technical sense?


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