Chris Webber advises Lakers to swipe Kobe’s memorabilia

Chris Webber had interesting advice for Lakers players.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

By Gordon Dixon

Since Kobe Bryant announced he will be retiring at the end of the season, the farewell tour is underway and will be coming to a city near you. Not only will it be a chance for fans to get their last glimpse of an NBA great, but it will also be the last opportunities for those who share the court with Bryant to play with and against him.

For some of the young Lakers, it’s a chance to call a guy they watched and admired growing up a teammate. And what better way to remember a legend (other than memories) than to have a piece of his memorabilia in your collection? For that, Chris Webber suggested Lakers players take Bryant’s stuff after every game, like he once did with Allen Iverson.

There’s great and then there’s this. I mean, seriously, how awesome of a story is that? Webber didn’t just snag Iverson’s practice jersey and socks, he even went as far as taking the dirty clothes bag! And I can totally picture the look on Webber’s face when he asked his teammates “Y’all don’t want none of this?”

If anything of Bryant’s comes up missing in the Lakers’ locker room and ends up in the home of Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, or D’Angelo Russell, we might have Webber to blame. And based on this story about Iverson, we're guessing he didn't even mind. Hopefully Kobe will have the same attitude.

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