Chris Paul, Larry Bird And Hawks/Wizards Talk With Andrew Snyder

On the latest Timeout with Ti, various NBA topics like Chris Paul in the playoffs, Larry Bird stepping down and the Washington Wizards series against the Atlanta Hawks are broken down.

Hey there! The latest episode of Timeout with Ti is a really fun one. I got Andrew Snyder on to talk about the Atlanta Hawks‘ series against the Washington Wizards, but since Andrew and I were recording the day of Game 6 we realized there was a chance the Wizards might end the series before people got to hear the episode.

That is what happened–Washington is heading to the second round to play the Boston Celtics, and the Hawks’ weird season is over. Luckily, we were prepared!

We started the episode by talking about Chris Paul, a big-time topic of conversation in NBA circles lately. Is CP3 clutch or not? Does it matter? Is he the best point guard ever, or are there better ones playing right now?

Those are all important questions, as are the ones arising in Indiana. Now that Larry Bird has stepped down to be more of a consultant/advisor, rumors about Paul George potentially being traded are absolutely swirling.

Andrew and I talked about potential bidders, and the difficulty in trading PG-13 due to L.A. looming. We also both talked about the Celtics deciding not to trade for either George or Jimmy Butler, and if it was a mistake or not.

Finally, we got to the Wizards series against the Hawks. John Wall is incredible–he’s a sports car driven by Dominic Toretto. Surprisingly, Dennis Schroder hasn’t backed down from Wall, and his play has been fantastic.

Their war against each other is one of the only things making this series interesting. Dwight Howard quitting for half of the games certainly wasn’t one of the other things helping to make Wiz-Hawks fun.

We wrapped up with predictions on the Friday night games. I won’t say who, but one of us was right and the other was wrong.

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