Chris Bosh photobombs McConaughey at Emmy Awards

You never know where Chris Bosh will pop up.


The NBA greats are all known for working hard in the offseason to stay on top of their game.

Michael Jordan famously came back from each offseason with a new wrinkle added to his skillset, having targeted it over the summer.

Well, Chris Bosh qualifies as an NBA star and he’s no exception. Although instead of working on his footwork or shooting, he’s working on a skill most would say he’s already mastered.


The Miami Heat big man popped up at the Emmys last night and managed to sneak into a photo of Matthew McConaughey, on hand as a nominee for his work in "True Detective."

For the record, we’re sure Bosh has been working on his game too. Especially now that the departure of LeBron James has left Bosh as the likely leading man in South Beach.