How Chris Bosh could return to basketball despite his health scares

Although Chris Bosh’s current medical condition is rather rare, he’s not the first professional athlete to deal with blood clots and the blood thinners required to prevent them.

Bosh continues to tell anyone who will listen that he plans to play next season, despite a recurrence last season of blood clots on his lungs. The Miami Heat, on the other hand, have stayed mum for now. There’s no indication that the team plans to clear Bosh for a return; there’s also no indication that they plan to shut him down once again.

It’s an incredibly complicated situation that boils down to one real factor: Bosh’s health. As long as he remains on blood thinners, the conventional wisdom is that a return to the court will be extraordinarily difficult.

But if there is a way for Bosh to play while on blood thinners, it’s by emulating former Florida Panthers player Tomas Fleischmann, who dealt with a similar health scare during his playing days, according to the AP. The two have been in touch since Bosh’s original diagnosis, and Fleischmann detailed what it would take for Bosh to come back to the NBA:

The NHL is a decent proxy for the NBA; both leagues play 82 games, meaning the amount of air travel is roughly the same. That’s crucial, since one of the biggest concerns for Bosh is how his body will react to multiple flights in a short time frame.

Bosh last played Feb. 9 against the San Antonio Spurs. If he remains sidelined for one year, the Heat can apply to have his salary no longer count against the salary cap.