Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan throws terrible pass to the Bulls’ bench

DeMar DeRozan didn't throw the worst pass ever, but it wasn't far off.

John E. Sokolowski/John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

They say the best defenders affect shots even when they’re not near the ball. Well, what about when they’re not even on the court? 

DeMar DeRozan, take it away:

That’s from last night’s Raptors loss to the Bulls. And yes, that’s DeRozan not only throwing a pass to the wrong team, but to Chicago’s Joakim Noah, who wasn’t even in the game at the time of the play. In good news though, the the toss hit him perfectly in the chest. 

How devious was Noah here, though? He was wearing a wamup which was the same white shade as the Raptors home uniforms. He stood up "strategically." How manipulative are you, Joakim? Spill some dirt…

Unfortunately for DeRozan and Noah, Gerald Henderson still has the best pass in NBA history.