Chicago Bulls potentially interested in Chris Bosh, according to report

All signs point towards the Miami Heat releasing Chris Bosh within the next few months. Are the Bulls looking to reunite Bosh with Dwyane Wade in Chicago?

Chris Bosh’s future remains up in the air. Bosh was diagnosed with blood clots for the second year in a row last February. Despite working hard towards a comeback this offseason, Miami Heat doctors still couldn’t medically clear him to play. Pat Riley then told the media that Bosh would likely never suit up for the Heat again.

Two weeks ago, at a CES gadget show in Las Vegas, Bosh seemed to hint that retirement was a very real possibility. In his own words (via Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press):

I’m still learning more about myself and my situation, and really off the court how to function there because I’m kind of getting the taste of retirement now. Hoping one day that the stars align and I figure some things out and things kind of just go my way and I’ll be able to do what I want to do. I don’t know what that is yet.

Just a few days after he said those pointed and honest words, Bosh was spotted at a Chicago Bulls game.

Bosh spent most of his career in Toronto, and still has a strong relationship with Dwyane Wade, so maybe he just wanted to catch up with old friends. At least that’s what most people speculated. ESPN’s Marc Stein, however, did a little digging and came away with the following (via Stein’s latest Weekend Dime):

1. More than one rival team has said they don’t expect Bosh to be waived by Miami until after March 1, thereby ensuring he’s not playoff-eligible for another team. The prospect of removing Bosh from the team’s payroll becomes an active option for the Heat after Feb. 9, which is the one-year anniversary of his last game for the club.

2. If Bosh, who turns 33 in March, makes it back onto the floor next season, word is that the Chicago Bulls are already plotting a run and will be at the front of the line to try to sign him.

A Bosh and Wade reunion in Chicago would certainly be interesting. The Bulls desperately lack shooting, which makes Bosh a prime target. But, as Stein noted, no one knows if Bosh will even attempt an NBA comeback. His condition can be life-threatening if left untreated, and reports state that he will have to be on blood-thinners permanently. It would be nearly impossible for Bosh to play a full schedule while on the medication, meaning his return would have strict parameters.

This report is of note on the Miami side of things for one reason. The team is looking to gain cap relief from Bosh’s contract by stating that they can’t clear him medically. So what would happen if another team’s doctors said Bosh was healthy enough to play? And he participated in at least 25 games for them? Then the Heat would lose that relief, and his $24 million salary would be right back on their payroll. (Which would hurt their chances of landing any free agent of note.)

It’s an ugly and unfortunate situation for both parties, and one that we’ll be sure to keep an eye on. Hopefully, Bosh finds closure with whatever it is he decides to do.

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