Report: Bulls dealing with ‘big-time problems’ in locker room

Derrick Rose (1) and Jimmy Butler (21) have not been able to mesh their games.

Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Bulls were supposed to take the next step after parting ways with coach Tom Thibodeau in the offseason. But it appears as though the team is in worst shape now.

The Bulls (15-10) are dealing with some "big-time problems in the locker room," a source told the Sporting News on Monday.

"There is no camaraderie,” the source said. "There’s no chemistry. I wouldn’t say it is fighting all the time or hatred or whatever. It’s just, you stay in your corner, and I will stay in mine. I don’t think there is any one trade or anything they can make that fixes that."

This report comes on the heels of Bulls star Jimmy Butler criticizing new coach Fred Hoiberg, telling reporters that Hoiberg needs to be harder on players.

"I also believe we probably have to be coached a lot harder at times," Butler said after Saturday’s loss to the New York Knicks. "I’m sorry. I know that Fred’s a laid-back guy, and I really respect him for that, but when guys aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, you got to get on guys, myself included. You got to do what you’re supposed to do when you’re out there playing basketball."

The Bulls have been dealing with changes to the starting lineup, with Hoiberg bringing former All-Star center Joakim Noah off the bench to provide more space on offense.

Butler has also taken the reigns as the team’s No. 1 option as Derrick Rose has been slowed by a litany of injuries. Butler is averaging a career-high 21.4 points while Rose is suffering through his worst season of his career.