Check out Swaggy P’s ridiculous first pitch at Dodgers game

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t make the playoffs, leaving Nick Young — aka Swaggy P — plenty of free time this spring to take in other local pro sports events.

On Tuesday night, he drove the Zamboni at the LA Kings game (a team that DID make the playoffs).

On Wednesday, it was the Dodgers’ turn to take in the Swaggy P experience, with Young and teammate Jordan Farmar having some fun with the team. 

Both guys took some BP, but it was Young’s horrendous first pitch that stole the show. (H/t to FTW for the story)

First, the BP session. Nothing too embarrassing, just a couple of guys having fun taking their cuts.

Now for the good stuff. Check out Young’s pitch sailing over the catcher’s head … heck, it might still be going.

UPDATE: Swaggy P’s air ball was so ridiculous, the Lakers couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. "We’re glad @NickSwagyPYoung is a better shooter than he is a pitcher," they wrote on their Vine account: