Grizzlies’ Marc Gasol on reunion with brother Pau: ‘We will try’

Marc and Pau playing together would be magic.

Pau Gasol isn’t a free agent for two years, but that hasn’t stopped his brother, Marc, from pondering about what it might be like for the two Spanish All-Stars to play together in the NBA — and with the Memphis Grizzlies.

From EuropaPress, via a translation from HoopsHype:

Marc Gasol: “It’s not impossible that one day we could play together. I think he has two more years in Chicago and I think it’s difficult that he would leave the team, I wouldn’t like it.

“But for us, and for Memphis to add someone like Pau, it would be unbelievable. We will try. Why not?”

Well, that’s interesting. The Gasol’s play gorgeous basketball together. We certainly have plenty of evidence showing that off. Just turn on any Spanish game from the Olympics or from the past few international competitions and you will find the two of them playing a gorgeous big-to-big game. Their chemistry is impeccable. Their communication wonderful. It’s almost like they’re related or something.

But Marc is right — it won’t be easy to pull off a reuinion with his brother. Pau has two years left on his deal (though he could hit free agency in 2016 if he so chooses, since 2016-17 is a below-market-value player option), so it could be a while before these two are able to join forces.

Unless, of course, there’s a secret "Brothers Clause" in the CBA. But that’s probably not a thing, right?

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