Charlotte Hornets Trade a Second Round Pick to the Cavs for Chris Anderson

A deal has reportedly been completed between the Charlotte Hornets and the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to create some extra money for both sides.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN who originally reported the story, “Cavs have traded Chris Andersen to Charlotte. Move clears a roster spot to add additional players. Cavs sent cash in deal as well.” The details of the deal were later confirmed as a top-55 protected 2017 second round pick going from the Charlotte Hornets to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs moved Birdman to Buzz City but he was immediately waived by the Hornets. (The team later announced the deal.)

This “trade” was essentially a cap move for both teams. Cleveland was able to save about $2.0-2.5 million in luxury tax with the trade and Charlotte gained $750,000 for essentially nothing. Many critics complain that the Hornets gave up a second round pick but in reality, the pick is so heavily protected that the Cavaliers will never receive it.

The Hornets would have to finish with a top five record in the NBA for the Cavs to receive that 2017 second round pick. Keith Smith tweeted that “As @EricPincus termed it, the pick is a “nothing something” required to complete the deal, as both sides are required to trade “something”. At the bare of the deal, Charlotte received money.

Upon acquiring Anderson, the Hornets immediately waived the veteran big man. This left their roster at 14 with one open spot before announcing the signing of Mike Tobey to a second 10-day contract. It was a calculated move by Rich Cho and company as Charlotte gave up nothing to acquire some extra spending money.

It might not seem like the Hornets got much out of the deal but that extra $750,000 could do a lot later if they make a trade closer to the February 23rd trade deadline. It was a smart move by the team to acquire cash considerations while giving up nothing. Other than helping out the Cavs a bit, Charlotte didn’t do anything as the second round pick will never pan out for Cleveland.

The Hornets have some cash to spend in trades this season as they still have a $1.6 million trade exception from Troy Daniels leaving this summer. Rich Cho and Charlotte’s front office will surely make use of that. This move shouldn’t be viewed as anything more than just an under the radar cash get for the Hornets.

This move is likely a precursor to a bigger deal that is to come for the Charlotte Hornets in the coming weeks. We’ll have to wait and see what management is cooking up. This move will probably help the Cavs in their pursuit of a title this season as they saved money and now have an empty roster spot.

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