What can the Charlotte Hornets expect from Spencer Hawes this season?

Spencer Hawes is only 27, but his game fell off a cliff last season.

The Charlotte Hornets didn't have any competent three-point shooters on their roster last season, and it was a serious problem. So over the summer, they traded a mercurial and infuriating Lance Stephenson to the Los Angeles Clippers for Hawes and the since-departed Matt Barnes. 

In a past life, Hawes was one of the NBA's most skilled offensive centers. He could pass, handle the ball a little bit and shoot. But last year was an absolute disaster for the 27-year-old seven footer, and in Charlotte he'll look to rekindle some of his past success.

Here's SB Nation's At the Hive with more:

Hawes made just 31.3 percent of his threes last season but nailed 41.6 percent the previous year, in stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers. 

If he can nestle his way in between those two averages and find a happy medium in 2016, Charlotte will have a much easier time scoring the ball.

A knee injury bothered him early in the season and he never seemed to figure out how to get going with reserve minutes after starting for most of his career. His field goal percentage was well below 40. The three-point shooting that helped land him his long-term contract vanished. He would finish the season out of Doc Rivers' playoff rotation and averaging the worst scoring (12.0 points per 36 minutes) and efficiency numbers (9.8 PER) of his career, according to Basketball Reference. “It's the way life goes sometimes. Sometimes the situations you look at on paper that seem like they're going to be the best fit end up on the other end of the spectrum,” Hawes said at the Hornets' Media Day on Friday. He made it clear he wasn't going to dwell on the recent past.

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