How a delayed flight saved Damien Wilkins’ NBA career

Damien Wilkins is here to save Charlotte's season! Or not.
Jason Bradwell/NBAE/Getty Images

The Charlotte Hornets have “replaced” the injured Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with Damien Wilkins, a move that almost certainly won't work out in the long or short term. But the story of how Charlotte came to sign the 35-year-old is actually pretty interesting.

Here's what he wrote on his personal blog, The Wilkins Word:

Crazy indeed. Wilkins probably won't play a minute for the Hornets this year (he's their fifth non-guaranteed contract with only one roster spot available), but this story is one he won't soon forget.

(h/t: Pro Basketball Talk)

I had signed a contract to play in Venezuela for this upcoming season and I was scheduled to leave for there this past Saturday, 10/3/2015. The first leg of my trip originated in Atlanta. I then fly to Charlotte for my connecting flight that is scheduled to take me to my final destination in Venezuela. I get to Charlotte and the connecting flight is delayed. When I food finally came it was about 50 minutes until my flight was leaving. My phone rang and it was my agent, his words, “Damien! Do not get on that flight!!” He said emphatically! I asked, “so we’re a go with Charloote?” He said, “yes sir!!” I was so excited and in disbelief that I didn’t really know how to react. I don’t remember eating any of the food I ordered and I think I walked out on the bill! My agent told me the terms of the deal and that because for now it’s a non-guarantee I’d still have lots of work to do. I told him with a great deal of confidence and excitement that the flight was cancelled and delayed and that flight crew wasn’t on time for this reason. This was all God’s work!! It’s fate. I was supposed to have been in Venezuela already but that wasn’t God’s will. I’m where I’m supposed to be. There’s no way I won’t make this team!

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