Bobcats draft party boos Cody Zeller

Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, and Alex Len are on the board. Your team is pretty awful, so you’re just hoping that you get somebody who can make games a little more bearable to watch. You aren’t drafting for need so much as just trying to get a half-decent body on the court . . .

The pick is in! "Gee, I just hope MJ doesn’t take somebody idiotic right now," you nervously say to your fellow fans at your Charlotte Bobcats team draft party.

And then … Cody Zeller — the sometimes awkward-looking, 7-footer from Indiana. The kid who you may think doesn’t look strong or quick enough to make it at the next level.

How do you react? With booing, obviously:

The above video shows the depressing scene that was the Bobcats’ draft party Thursday night. Boos, people streaming for the exits and general disgust … ouch.

Who knows how this pick will look in five years? Zeller was considered a top-five pick before this past season, but his stagnant development over the course of the year seemed to turned many scouts away from him. There were times last season when the Hoosiers center Zeller looked like the best college player in the country, like when he manhandled North Carolina in November. But there were also times when the big man seemed to disappear.

Apparently, the Bobcats saw something special in Cody. Zeller reportedly showed off a 3-point jumper in numerous pre-draft workouts that he did not get a chance to display in his two years at Indiana. If he can drain some of those for the Bobcats next season, Charlotte fans will start to warm up to him.

(h/t Did Charlotte Win? )