Charles Oakley on James Dolan truce: ‘Some things can’t be solved’

Charles Oakley is skeptical he and James Dolan will ever really resolve their issues, he told SI’s Maggie Gray. 

“Is there a resolution that can be met?” Gray asked Oakley Thursday on SI Now.

“No, some things can’t be solved,” Oakley replied. 

The NBA announced earlier this week that Oakley and Dolan had come to a peace agreement after meeting with commissioner Adam Silver and Hornets owner Michael Jordan. Oakley, Dolan and Silver met at the NBA offices in Manhattan, with Jordan joining them by phone.

“I feel like I was pulled out of the meeting like I was pulled out of the Garden,” Oakley said. 

After the meeting, Dolan agreed to let Oakley return to the Garden “in the near future,” the NBA said. 

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