Charles Barkley blasts Skip Bayless

A TNT on-set dialogue about Shaq’s Twitter

battle beef


target="_blank">“with Oklahoma City Thunder big man Kendrick

Perkins” quickly turned into a discussion about Skip Bayless.

And when Charles Barkley is involved, as he was Tuesday night, any

mention of the noted ESPN contrarian has the potential to escalate

quickly into fireworks.

Barkley, you may recall, has never exactly been shy about his

dislike for Bayless, who has been with ESPN full-time since


In 2009, he


target="_blank">called Bayless an “idiot” on The Jay Leno

Show, and he’s referred to Bayless as

target="_blank">“one of the two people [he’d] like to


Barkley has also gone on record saying he hates the former San

Jose Mercury News columnist

target="_blank">“more than any person in the world.”

In 2011, Barkley referred to Bayless as


target="_blank">“the biggest jackass in the history of

journalism” and last year, he called him the


target="_blank">“the biggest punk in the world.”

So, yeah, there’s no love lost there, and now we can add

this one-liner to the list: “If I could get Skip Bayless in a

room, you’d need DNA to find out who he was.” Check out

the exchange starting at 1:35 in the video below:

It’s possible, if not likely, that there’s a degree

of showmanship behind the Barkley-Bayless feud. These are TV

personalities, after all. But after the better part of a decade of

attacks, it’s probably safe to assume that Barkley

won’t be invited to any dinner parties at the Bayless

household anytime soon.