Charles Barkley: ‘I’m very disappointed in the Sixers’

Charles Barkley's mouth will always rule.

Dick Raphael/NBAE/Getty Images

Former Philadelphia 76ers great and current television icon Charles Barkley is never short of opinions. And when asked about his former team’s current situation, he didn’t hold back, particularly when Joel Embiid’s injury came up.

Here’s what he recently told CSN Philly about the second-year player’s sad situation:

"I’m very concerned and I’m very disappointed in the Sixers. I don’t know all the ins and outs — I don’t understand how you do that surgery and you’re not checking in periodically. You wait a whole year before you realize the surgery wasn’t successful. Maybe I’m just wrong, but it seems to me like every couple of months, they should have been doing something to check on his foot to see how it’s progressing. I don’t understand how you wait an entire year and then realize his foot is not healing properly. I have to blame the Sixers for that fiasco."

It’s obviously an extremely difficult situation, and Barkley is fair in his criticism, admitting he doesn’t have all the available medical information to mold the most informed opinion. 

But it’s also okay to be frustrated by a team that hasn’t exactly gone out of its way to show they care for their players. All in all, it’s a sad story, and everyone in the NBA should hope Embiid eventually makes a full recovery.

(h/t: CSN Philly)