Charles Barkley bemoans the ‘awful’ state of the NBA

"Chuck eating donuts and criticizing the NBA" should be a new meme.

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley hasn’t been shy in voicing his opinion about the Golden State Warriors and the state of the NBA this season. On Wednesday, he doubled down on his criticisms of the league as a whole, while allowing that Stephen Curry’s squad is one of the only things worth watching.

In an appearance on Mike & Mike, Barkley admitted that if a game doesn’t feature one of the top four or five teams in the NBA, he’s not paying attention:

“I think that people are overreacting. I think that Cleveland still has a chance at winning the championship. Listen, first of all, I want to thank the Golden State Warriors, because it’s been very awful basketball this year. Awful. I mean, just bad. If you think about it — and I’m not no old guy hating — but unless Golden State is playing the Clippers, the Cavs, Oklahoma City, the Spurs, I’m not going to watch a full NBA basketball [game]. It’s not very good basketball. And I love basketball. But there’s only a couple games — well, there’s only five games I’m watching top to bottom. The rest of the games aren’t worth watching top to bottom. […] We want it to be competitive. We don’t want to have four good teams. I want people in Milwaukee. I want people in Philly. I want people in Boston. I want to see competitive games. And right now we’re not getting that.”

Barkley claims that he’s not just some old guy hating on the league. But when you take a stroll through some of his on-the-record comments this season, it becomes kind of difficult to give the Round Mound of Rebound the benefit of the doubt.

Then again, he’s not exactly wrong. The NBA has been pretty great this year, but relative to the very best teams, the rest of the league isn’t quite must-watch viewing.

Instead, if you’re absolutely in need of entertainment, it’s probably best to just watch this 3-point shootout between Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. That’s real entertainment, right, Chuck?