Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown learning from Spurs Kawhi Leonard

Boston Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown wants to become the best player he can. To do so, he has taken an eye to San Antonio Spurs Kawhi Leonard in helping in his quest.

Jaylen Brown is going through phases in his game that Kawhi Leonard once had to as a rookie in the NBA. But for Brown he looks at Leonard as being one player he wants to mirror his game from.

Brown looking to learn what he could from any of the NBA’s best players in the league saw himself playing against one of the biggest rising star in Leonard.

During the Celtics loss to the Spurs, Brown noticed something about Leonard he idolizes and separates him from others, especially his teammate, Marcus Smart and that is talking. As he told Mass Live, he stated Leonard just plays basketball.

“Oh nah. Nah. Not Kawhi,” Brown said Saturday, one day after spending some time defending the San Antonio Spurs MVP candidate. “Yeah, he just plays basketball.”

This season Leonard is starting to be more vocal on the floor for his teammates, in becoming a leader for his team, but that does not mean he is going to be that towards his opponents.

Leonard lets his game do the talking and for Brown, it is not a bad choice for him to learn from a player like Leonard.

During Brown’s matchup with Leonard on November 25th, he came to the conclusion that Leonard, so far this season, is his toughest player to guard.

“He’s super aggressive,” Brown said.

Everyone can see the evolution of Leonard’s game over the past few years. has evolved his game. It all comes with the work that he puts in the offseason.

“He’s always moving and when he gets the ball, just with his footwork he’s always on the attack.”

Leonard showed all aspects against the Celtics, as he finished with 25 points and 10 rebounds in 35 minutes.

The Celtics rookie has appeared in 17 games this season. He is averaging 5.5 points and 2.2 rebounds per game.

Back on November 3, 2016, Brown logged 35 minutes and set a career high with 19 points. He also finished with three assists and five rebounds in a loss to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

There will be another chance for Brown to study Leonard. The Celtics will visit the AT&T Center December 14, 2016.

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