NBA: J.R. Smith foul which set up Celtics’ game-winner was incorrectly called

This time, it really wasn't J.R. Smith's fault.

The Celtics beat the Cavaliers at the buzzer on Friday, but the NBA looked back on the calls made by the officials in the game’s last two minutes, and ruled that Boston shouldn’t even have gotten that chance.

J.R. Smith was whistled for a foul on Evan Turner with 4.9 seconds remaining, and since Turner converted the layup to cut the Cavaliers lead to two, that gave him a free throw attempt and a chance at a three-point play. Turner missed, and the ball went out of bounds off of a Cleveland player, which set up the play that the Celtics used to get Avery Bradley a look at the game-winning shot. 

The league’s Last Two Minute Report ruled that Smith made incidental contact with Turner’s body as he attempted the layup, and that the officials made an incorrect call. Had they not blown the whistle, Boston wouldn’t have ended up with the chance to win it on the game’s final possession.