Cavs Daily Gospel: Kevin Love Unlocking Potential Of Big Three

Today’s “Cavs Daily Gospel” is all about Kevin Love.

Kevin Love has been a better player in four games this season than he has at any point in his Cleveland Cavaliers tenure. Sure, he’s had games where he was a high scoring, board eating beast. He’s never been more confident though.

From his posters for Banana Republic to his aggressive play in the post, Love looks good. He feels good. He’s the man.

As each member of the Big Three averages above 20 points per game, Love and LeBron James score about the same points per game. Granted, neither are shooting with particular efficiency from deep. However, Love has the higher three-point shooting percentage for his career and ultimately has the greater chance to pick up his performance from behind the line. All that is to say is he can average nearly 25 points per game if he improved efficiency.

(So too can James, if he knocks down a couple of more outside shots.)

Yet, it’s Love’s defense that deserves the spotlight.

He’s been coming up with key stops since Game 7. Yet, at times last year, Love was such a liability on defense he was being taken out of games.

If he can continue to be an able defender and play the center position for an extended period of time, the Cavs have a greater chance of opening up the lanes for James to drive.

A James-Love pick-and-roll isn’t unstoppable but it’s hard to stop.

James and Love at power forward and center is hard to stop.

Kyrie Irving by himself in the backcourt is dangerous.

Love’s ability to make stops defensively unlocks everything the Cavs want the Big Three to be able to do.

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