LeBron wearing No. 6 jersey in Cavaliers practices

LeBron James in his No. 6 Miami Heat jersey.
Steve Mitchell/Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When LeBron James left the Cavaliers in free agency to join the Heat back in 2010, he changed jersey numbers from 23 to 6.

James was back wearing No. 6 on his Cavs practice jersey during the team's Wine & Gold scrimmage on Monday, and because anything LeBron does makes headlines, the choice required some explanation.

Conspiracy theorists may wonder if James was perhaps sending a subtle message to the Cavaliers front office, reminding them of the time he left in order to force the franchise's hand in getting a deal done with Tristan Thompson.

But that's a fairly wild reach, and we'll take LeBron's word for it that there was no hidden meaning behind his sudden switch.

James will be wearing his familiar No. 23 for the Cavs this season, the same number he has worn every season he's been in Cleveland, but he explained how he feels comfortable practicing while donning No. 6.

“It's just a number of mine,” James said after the scrimmage. “One of my two numbers — 6, 23. There's nothing to it. It's my practice jersey.”

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