Mathew Dellavedova details his hospitalization during NBA Finals

Matthew Dellavedova speaks to reporters

Matthew Dellavedova became a folk hero of sorts among Cavaliers fans last season, thanks to the gritty (or as opponents might say, dirty) way that he gave everything he had in every minute he was on the court.

During the NBA Finals, he may have pushed things too far.

Dellavedova was hospitalized following Cleveland's Game 3 victory, and detailed the incident in a recent interview with ESPN's Brian Windhorst.

This is what fans expect of their favorite players, and there's no question that Dellavedova gave his all to the Cavaliers last season.

“First my quads both cramped. Then my hammies. Then my adductors. I couldn't move off the training table,” Dellavedova said as he recently recalled the moments after the Cavs' Game 3 victory over the Golden State Warriors last spring. “I was stuck on the table. I had the IV in and I was still cramping. They helped me to the cold tub and I just collapsed in it for 20 minutes.”

In the euphoria, it perhaps went unnoticed just what sort of price Dellavedova paid after that Game 3 performance. The Cavs' doctors were concerned enough with the severe cramping that they called for a stretcher and sent him to the Cleveland Clinic for overnight IVs to get him rehydrated. He wasn't released until the following afternoon.

“I probably pushed it a little. I thought I'd pushed it before but there was just so much on the line,” Dellavedova said. “I wasn't scared. What was scary was how am I going to prepare for the next game? I only had one day's rest between the games. I told them I didn't need to go to the hospital, but then I thought to myself 'What would happen if these cramps happened again in the middle of the night?' I would've been screwed.”

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