Carmelo Anthony rumors: Why he’ll stay put in New York

After the latest Carmelo Anthony rumors continue to circulate, it’s time to look at reality.

It’s great to see stars in the NBA succeed, but it’s just as important to watch where they land. Sometimes, their new destinations can surprise us. Other times, where they decide to play is something decided behind closed doors.

For whatever reason, the rumors continue to come out of New York that the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony are parting ways.

The former Denver Nugget has a no trade clause in his contract that puts him in control of the situation.

While there’s room to believe that he and team president Phil Jackson will discuss what the future holds, that’s no reason to go overboard.

Unlike other stars before him, Anthony doesn’t seem in the mindset to jump ship, either.

His time in New York hasn’t been perfect, but that only fuels the hype. According to the rumors, Anthony would only be open to being traded to Cleveland or Los Angeles.

It’s not fair to Anthony, the Knicks organization, or other teams to be talking about it prematurely. Waiting until the verdict is handed down as a result of the conversation he wants with Phil Jackson would be the opportune time to delve into trade locations.

Anthony has some pieces around him to work with, but it just hasn’t panned out the right way.

Kristaps Porzingis has proven he’s a piece for the future of the organization. While the team doesn’t really know what to do with Derrick Rose.

Unfortunately for Anthony, he’s stuck in the middle.

Moving him out of New York would change the playoff landscape for whatever team lands him.

But until we know how that conversation goes, let’s hold off on assuming he’s already on his way.

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