Can Paul George Join the NBA’s 50-Point Club This Season?

Eight different NBA players have recorded at least 50 points in a game so far this season. Can Paul George join them?

One player scoring 50 points in a game has only happened 337 times in the 57,062 games ever played in the NBA, a mere 0.59% of the time. It happens around 5.5 times a season on average, but this year, we’ve already seen eight.

Those players? All of them are All-Stars. Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls was the most recent recipient of this feat, as he scored 52 points on Monday night.

Can Indiana Pacers’ star Paul George join that club at some point before this season ends?

Paul’s career high in points is 48. He accomplished that last season, when the Pacers played the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City. The Pacers lost that game, however.

Paul had three 40+ point games last season, not counting his 41-point performance in the All-Star game. No 50-point games, but he came pretty close.

If Paul wants to reach the 50-point plateau, he’s going to need to get to the foul line. Jimmy Butler shot 22 free throws during his 52 point-game — he made 21 of them. George is only averaging 4.7 free throw attempts this season.

Something Paul has going for him in his quest for a 50-point game is he iss having his best season efficiency wise since he’s become Indiana’s top scoring option. George is shooting 44.5% from the field, his best mark since his sophomore season in the NBA. He’s also shooting 38.5% from deep, and a career-high 92.4% from the foul line. That 92.4% shows you that George needs to get to the line more often.

If his point guard, Jeff Teague, continues to drop dimes and get his teammates easy looks, that should also make it easier for Paul to reach 50. Paul hasn’t had a play-making teammate like Teague since he’s entered the league.

Paul George can get hot easily. A 50-point performance is definitely possible. Whether it’s in the cards or not remains to be seen.

The Pacers play their last game ever at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Tuesday night. Why not drop 50+ points in that building, considering the ugly history that’s happened between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers?

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