Buzz City Stings: Charlotte Hornets’ Regain Momentum After Win Over T-Wolves

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Buzz City Stings is your daily destination for the latest and best news from around the internet about the Charlotte Hornets. After two straight losses, the Hornets seemingly regained their previous momentum with a win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. LeBron’s biggest threat and the balanced play of Charlotte.

Hornets’ Strong Third Quarter Leads to Win Over Minnesota

“Charlotte entered the game with the league’s best third-quarter scoring differential at plus-7.1 points. Minnesota was last at minus-8. The Timberwolves’ 12-point advantage quickly faded as the trends held. The Hornets opened the quarter with a 15-2 run to take their first lead since the end of the first quarter. Batum scored 11 in the third and Walker added 10 points as Charlotte outscored Minnesota by 19 in the period.” (

This season, Charlotte completely owns the third quarter. They outscored the T-Wolves 36-17 in the period and took control of the game. It was a changing point in the match and it should be viewed as the most important single quarter for each Hornets’ game going forward. The only bad part about the third quarter surge is that they are usually down by double-digits at halftime so they need the effort to boost their comeback.

Charlotte is LeBron’s Biggest Threat in the East

“This year appears to be more of the same: the Cavaliers are the best team in the East again and heavy favorites to return to the Finals; the main mystery in the conference is which team can give them the toughest series on the way there. Despite their loss to the Cavs on Sunday, the Charlotte Hornets could still be that team. Steve Clifford and company have seen the clear blueprint laid out by those teams: play strong defense and slow the pace of the game. A great offense isn’t necessary, but it certainly helps. This Charlotte squad checks all of those boxes.” (

It remains to be seen if Charlotte has made a big enough leap this season to actually challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers this year. The Cavs are the defending world champions and the Hornets have yet to win a playoff series in over a decade but these two teams are far from worlds apart. Steve Clifford’s side is closer than ever to competing and beating LeBron. Charlotte could be King James’ biggest threat but the Toronto Raptors have a strong case for that claim as well.

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The Charlotte Hornets’ Precarious Balance

“If they don’t find more help for those guys, there is a legitimate concern that what happened in the playoffs last season could happen again. For as well as Walker has played so far this season, what happens if a team is able to keep him under wraps, like the Heat did in the playoffs last season? Kemba is generously listed at 6-foot-1, and he’s giving up a ton of size against a lot of potential playoff opponents, which can wear on a player over the course of a seven-game series.” (

This article points out the delicate nature of this Hornets’ team and how Steve Clifford has balanced a team full of different players. It also highlights the inevitable truth that Kemba Walker is the main piece and if he isn’t performing at a certain level, Charlotte’s chances of winning a game drop dramatically. The balance may be delicate but until it is stopped time and time again this year, success will continue to follow the team.

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