Buzz City Beat: Trade the Charlotte Hornets Should Make, Nic Batum Guarantees Win

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After losing two straight games, the Charlotte Hornets look to bounce back against the Philadelphia 76ers at home. In this edition of Buzz City Beat, we look at the ideal trade the team should make at the trade deadline, Nicolas Batum guarantees a win over the Sixers and Kemba Walker receives All-Star jersey.

Trade the Hornets Should Make at the Deadline

“The club’s only option is work in the margins. With Ramon Sessions down 4-6 weeks after knee surgery, the Hornets have to find a backup point guard. And if there’s a cheap shooter lurking anywhere—as Courtney Lee was last season—that’s another area worth addressing.” (

Rich Cho might be a master of deadline deals for Charlotte but how often can he actually come out on the winning side of trades? An under the radar deal that boosts the overall performance of the team is exactly what they need but how likely is that to happen for the second season in a row? Courtney Lee isn’t coming through those doors. The Hornets need to make moves that severely help this team before it gets too late.

Nic Batum Guarantees Win Over Philadelphia

“Nicolas Batum was talking late Saturday night about Monday’s home game vs. Philadelphia when he said: “We’re going to win this game on Monday. We will.” Are you guaranteeing it? I asked. “Yeah,” he said.” (

It’s pretty easy to predict a victory over one of the worst teams in the league but it is still a risk by Batum. This puts all the more pressure on Charlotte to get a much-needed win over the Sixers. This could be devastating if they lose but the Hornets should have enough talent to get the job done at home. I just don’t see the point in doing so. They are expected to win this game, and it might boost morale by predicting a win, but it wasn’t necessary or needed at all.

Kemba Receives All-Star Jersey

“With a number of pregame festivities planned, Buzz City arrived early to take advantage of the free giveaways including the Kemba Walker Starting Lineup figurines and spirit signs. Walker all-star merchandise went on sale at the fan shop and authentic jersey prices were slashed 50 percent. During shoot-arounds, general manager, Rich Cho, presented Walker with his 2017 NBA All-Star Game jersey.” (

Walker’s all-star celebration night was ruined as the Charlotte Hornets fell to the Los Angeles Clippers but that took nothing away from his accomplishment. Seeing the star point guard with his all-star jersey before the game was a pretty special moment. Don’t forget to grab your Kemba all-star gear while you can.

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