Buzz City Beat: Sessions’ Injury Could Help the Charlotte Hornets, Frank’s Preparation

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The Charlotte Hornets will look to put an end to their seven-game losing streak as they take on the Sacramento Kings at home. In this edition of Buzz City Beat, we look at how Ramon Sessions‘ injury could help, how Frank Kaminsky‘s improved preparation is helping his play and the many worlds of Nicolas Batum.

Ramon Sessions’ Injury Could Help Charlotte

“When the Hornets signed Ramon Sessions this summer, they were hoping he could produce at a level close to his play during his first stint in Charlotte. It was probably naïve to think that the 30-year-old point guard would play at the same level as he did four years ago, especially in a smaller role, but Sessions hasn’t even come close to the form he showed last time he was in the Queen City.” (

There is no easy way to put it, Ramon hasn’t been good enough for Charlotte this season. He is underperforming in just about every category and the team is in need of change at the backup point guard spot. While Sessions does have a veteran presence, the Hornets need youth and a spark off the bench. They will look to make Ray McCallum‘s second stint in the league pay off big time as he is the most intriguing point guard prospect on the current roster.

Frank Kaminsky’s Improved Preparation

Charlotte Hornets coach Steve Clifford practices patience when it comes to Frank Kaminsky’s development, and for a very specific reason. Going from college center to NBA power forward is considered among the most challenging transitions in basketball. “I had a talk with Cliff and some of the other coaches about being ready. I wasn’t always prepared in some games, which was pretty evident,” Kaminsky said. “Now I feel like I’m ready for everything, physically and mentally.” (

Kaminsky’s transition from college star to NBA role player has been tough. Now in his second season, Frank is starting to rounding out his game more and more. Preparation is a big key and Marvin Williams even noticed how he now taking more notes and asking more questions. The Tank seems to be breaking out of his sophomore slump this year and his improved preparation could be the main reason for that.

The Many Worlds of Nic Batum

“He might not be the most-talked about or vocal player on this Charlotte Hornets roster, but make no mistake that Nicolas Batum is as invaluable as anyone on the roster, as he is fully prepared and capable of being at the forefront of this organization’s success for many years to come.” (

Batum is one interesting character. This piece from Sam Perley dives deep into Nicolas’ upbringing, basketball career, and international teammates. Fun Fact from this article, Nic owns a third-tier professional basketball team in France. The journey that he has been on through his life has prepared him to be successful in the NBA. The Charlotte Hornets will now be hoping that he continues to improve for them.

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