Joakim Noah wants the chance to remain a starter, play with Pau Gasol

Joakim Noah was a shell of himself last season, and he'll be the first one to acknowledge that.

His numbers were down in every meaningful statistical category, and he appeared in just 67 regular season games due to injury.

Noah also didn't look great playing alongside Pau Gasol. The two seemed to struggle when on the floor together, and with a new head coach in Fred Hoiberg looking to get more out of the team, it's worth wondering if he may choose to bring Noah off the bench, and start Taj Gibson instead.

But Noah doesn't believe last season was an accurate indicator of his abilities, so he'd like another shot at making it work with Gasol while remaining in the starting lineup.

Noah feels Hoiberg should hold off on making a decision based off the tape from last year. The film doesn’t lie that the duo looked uneven last season, despite the gaudy record posted by the starting five for the few games they played together (16-5).

“I think we should give it an honest evaluation while I’m healthy,” Noah said. “Last year, I wasn’t healthy. Let’s see how it goes and then coaches can make a decision from there.”

“That's got to be the coaching staff's decision, obviously, not ours,” Gasol said. “I think each player will do the best he can to be on the floor as long as possible and have significant minutes. It's good to see Jo healthy and moving well.”

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