Bulls get last playoff spot, Texas rematch set

The Chicago Bulls are headed to the playoffs. The San Antonio

Spurs are headed right back to Dallas.

The last night of the NBA season gave Kevin Durant his first

scoring title, and finally sorted out the Western Conference

postseason race.

The Bulls secured the remaining playoff spot, beating Charlotte

98-89 Wednesday to set up a first-round series against LeBron James

and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Chicago finished a game ahead of

Toronto, which owned the tiebreaker and would have advanced if the

Bulls lost.

Chicago won its final three games, ignoring the distractions

created Tuesday when a Yahoo! Sports report surfaced that coach

Vinny Del Negro and Bulls vice president of basketball operations

John Paxson got into a physical altercation after a game last


“You know what I love about this team?” Chicago’s Joakim Noah

said. “I feel that even when times were hard, we went on a 10-game

losing streak, I feel like we never let down. We always believed in

each other. To be in this position right now is a great feeling,

and I feel it’s really deserving.”

The Mavericks’ 96-89 victory over the Spurs gave Dallas the No.

2 seed and dropped San Antonio to seventh, so the Texas rivals will

meet in the postseason for the second straight year. The Mavs

knocked off the Spurs last season.

San Antonio showed no fear of a third matchup in five years,

resting Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili on Wednesday.

“If they’re looking for us,” Dallas center Brendan Haywood

said, “they’ll see us this weekend.”

Only two playoff matchups, one in each conference, had been

determined entering the final night of the regular season. The East

was settled after victories by Chicago and Miami, while the West

went even longer.

Phoenix earned the No. 3 spot with its 100-86 victory in Utah.

That gave the No. 4 seed and the Northwest Division title to

Denver, with the Jazz falling to fifth.

The Suns went 23-6 after the All-Star break and will face the

sixth-seeded Portland Trail Blazers.

“It was a great way to finish the regular season – for a team

that was picked by many to be on the outside looking into the

playoffs or at the bottom of the playoff list,” Suns guard Steve

Nash said. “To finish third in the West is rewarding. And most

importantly we’re playing well and heading into the playoffs fairly


Miami claimed the East’s No. 5 seed with a 94-86 double-overtime

victory over New Jersey and will oppose the Boston Celtics. Though

they’ve played poorly in the second half of the season, the Celtics

insist they are ready because their Big Three of Kevin Garnett,

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen is healthy.

“This is the healthiest we’ve been,” coach Doc Rivers said.

“I think this is the best Kevin’s been since early in the season.

I think Paul is feeling fantastic right now.”

Milwaukee is the sixth seed and plays No. 3 Atlanta. The Hawks

hung around the locker room after their 99-83 victory over

Cleveland to watch the end of Miami’s win. If the Heat lost,

Atlanta would have played Miami for the second straight year.

“Yeah, we were paying attention,” center Al Horford said.

Did it matter who you played?

“Not really. But now we have to start focusing on


The only West series that was already finalized before Wednesday

was the top-seeded and defending champion Los Angeles Lakers facing

playoff newcomer Oklahoma City and Durant, who at 21 years old

became the league’s youngest scoring champion.

“It’s going to be cool to go home and my friends say, ‘You were

the scoring champ at 21 years old.’ That’s a blessing,” Durant

said. “It’s something I can’t take for granted and I’ve just got

to continue to work from here.”

The playoffs begin Saturday with the Bulls visiting the

Cavaliers, who might be a little rusty after James sat the final

four games and chose not to bring Shaquille O’Neal back from a

thumb injury before the end of the regular season.

The Atlanta-Milwaukee and Boston-Miami series also begin

Saturday, as does Utah-Denver – after some late-night rescheduling.

That series was originally slated to open Sunday, but the NHL’s

Colorado Avalanche are scheduled for a home game that night, so the

Phoenix-Portland series took the Sunday night slot instead.