Bucks look to push tempo after trade for Ellis

It’s probably going a step too far to say the Milwaukee Bucks

are trying to bring showtime to the shores of Lake Michigan with

the addition of guard Monta Ellis.

Still, getting a top-10 scorer in a five-player trade with

Golden State will be a significant addition for a team that already

was trying to play a quick transition offense with center Andrew

Bogut out injured. Now Bogut is gone for good, sent to the Warriors

along with Stephen Jackson.

”My first thing I said was, `Well, it looks like we’ll be

running a lot more,”’ point guard Brandon Jennings said. ”A lot

of just up and down buckets, a lot of fast breaks. That’s when I

got more excited.”

Added Jennings on Ellis, ”He’s probably one of the fastest guys

with the ball in the league.”

The Bucks sent Bogut and Jackson to the Warriors in a trade

Tuesday night, getting Ellis, forward Ekpe Udoh and the expiring

contract of Kwame Brown in return. Ellis and Udoh didn’t play

against Cleveland on Wednesday night, but could be in uniform for

Friday night’s game – which, coincidentally, is at Golden


Bucks general manager John Hammond said Bogut and Jackson must

complete their Warriors physical examinations before the trade is

complete and Ellis and Udoh can play for Milwaukee. Hammond was

hopeful that would happen before Friday’s game.

”We have our fingers crossed,” Hammond said.

Once that happens, the Bucks will look to push the tempo even

more with Ellis on board – and hope to make a push for the


Ellis and Udoh were introduced at a news conference Wednesday

evening, and Ellis said he’s committed to playing whatever style

coach Scott Skiles wants.

”We’re going to do some great things here,” Ellis said.

After a rough February, the Bucks have chased down the

struggling New York Knicks in the race for the No. 8 playoff seed

in the Eastern Conference.

More than anything, Jennings is excited that he won’t be the

main focus for opposing defenses any more. Ellis is scoring 21.9

points per game, ninth-best in the league.

”He’ll take a lot of pressure off me, just in general,”

Jennings said. ”I won’t feel like I have to go out there and score

so many points for the team. Now I can go out there and run the

point guard a little bit more, get more assists. That’s something I

love to do.”

Skiles has tried to play a more uptempo style this year,

especially since Bogut broke his left ankle in late January.

”We’re pretty wide open right now anyway,” Skiles said.

”We’re pushing the ball up the floor, and we’ve got multiple ball

handlers out there. We’re taking early shots if they present

themselves. Hopefully, we might even get a little bit quicker.

Certainly Monta’s quick – very quick. And hopefully we’ll continue

to kind of play in that style and move the ball around and cause

people problems.”

The biggest question facing the made-over Milwaukee roster is

defense, something the Bucks have struggled with this season.

”We’re having some really nice, like five- to seven-minute

stretches where we’re really locking things down defensively,”

Skiles said. ”And that’s the reason we’ve been able to win some

games. We just haven’t done it for real long periods of time, which

ultimately we’re going to have to do.”

Asked to assess Ellis’ defensive ability, Skiles was somewhat


”He’s been good in certain situations, especially when he’s

been given a challenge to guard more of a main guy,” Skiles said.

”And like a lot of the NBA players, if it’s somebody that doesn’t

appear to be a main guy, there can be some slippage. But he

certainly has that ability.”

Hammond said Udoh can help on the defensive end; in a

conversation after the trade, Ellis told Hammond that Udoh might be

a ”steal” in the deal.

”You can’t run without the ball,” Hammond said. ”And I think

Ekpe’s going to help us in that regard. We needed to increase and

help our interior defense, and this guy is going to be a very good

goaltender for us.”

Skiles said he’ll miss Bogut, and hoped the No. 1 pick in the

2005 draft would get a fresh start after an injury-plagued stay in


Then there’s the departure of Jackson, who appeared to fall out

of favor with Skiles and hasn’t been playing lately because of what

the team described as a hamstring injury. Asked if he was relieved

that Jackson’s situation is resolved, Skiles downplayed any sense

of tension.

”It’s just one of those things,” Skiles said. ”I wouldn’t go

that far. It’s just part of the trade.”

Jennings was also careful when asked why Jackson’s short stay

with the Bucks didn’t turn out better.

”I really can’t put my hand on that,” Jennings said. ”That’s

a touchy situation between Jackson and Coach. But at the end of the

day, he was still positive with everybody around the team, still a

great guy in the locker room, a great guy to have around.”

And while Jennings said it was tough watching teammates leave in

a trade, he’s excited about the possibilities of teaming with


”I’m thinking we can get 100-some points a night,” Jennings

said. ”It’ll be great – and more TV time.”