Bryan Colangelo is Partially Tearing 76ers Fans Apart

Bryan Colangelo replaced Sam Hinkie with the intent to build a better basketball image in Philadelphia. Right now, Philadelphia 76ers fans are losing hope in him.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ end goal is the same as it has been over the last few years, but now they’re just winning more meaningless games. Yes, every win adds up in a player’s confidence department, but when you’re 30-52 at season’s end, looking straight at the seventh-best playoff odds, what the hell was it all for?

The on-court product this year has been better, even when Joel Embiid is out due to rest or because of a bone bruise and only a bone bruise; I promise. It’s better even without their first-overall pick, Ben Simmons, who suffered a broken foot before the season. It was just a broken foot; nothing more.

With this all being said, what good has come out of hiring Bryan Colangelo? What has he done, other than thrive off of the foundation built by former general manager, Sam Hinkie? Philadelphia 76ers fans trusted the process, even while other less trustworthy phrases, such as “It Starts Now,” or “Process to Progress” were carelessly thrown around against the wall. Those phrases hit the wall and didn’t stick. In fact, they fractured the wall, but don’t worry; it was just a minor break.

What has changed?

Sources tell The Sixer Sense that 76ers fans are not happy right now. This is a cardinal sin, but I’ll willingly break it: My source is my Twitter timeline. Sorry, I’m just trying to fit in with some other reporters.

Sources tell me that the Sixers want Jahlil Okafor traded. Was it not obvious after he was purposely benched against the streaking Miami Heat on Friday night? I mean, Brett Brown only confirmed it afterwards. Almost two full days later, here we sit; in the same situation.

Jahlil Okafor, who has handled this situation like an absolute pro, is probably in his home town Chicago right now refreshing his Twitter timeline feverishly, just like you and I. Okafor was seen shaking hands with Wells Fargo Center employees, as well teammates and the team staff after Friday night’s game. 76ers management told the sophomore big man that he wasn’t playing because a trade was on the horizon. They didn’t even put him on the plane to Charlotte for Monday night’s game against the Hornets.

This plane fiasco was yesterday. Today, we’re still stuck in the same scenario of not having a deal done. Colangelo may be playing the media game, but in the midst of doing so, he’s making a lot of enemies in Philadelphia.

Sam Hinkie was ridiculed for his unwillingness to talk to the media. Bryan Colangelo spoke to two media outlets last week and lied on both stations.

Editors note: The lying Colangelo did last week was detailed in-depth by Jake Pavorsky at Liberty Ballers

Sam Hinkie was criticized for losing on purpose. Bryan Colangelo cares so much about winning that he risked the franchise’s future by throwing Joel Embiid out onto the court in front of the nation with a partially torn meniscus against James Harden and the Houston Rockets on ESPN.

Sam Hinkie was a bad look for the NBA. Bryan Colangelo did a masterful job of deflecting meniscus-gate and turning it against, possibly, the most important piece in the franchise’s history by acting pissed that he danced on stage with Meek Mill.

Some people don’t miss Sam Hinkie. Most do. Some 76ers fans like Jahlil Okafor as a player. Most don’t. Some Sixers fans got a solid eight hours of sleep last night. Most didn’t, because they were refreshing their Twitter timelines until 2:00 a.m. (Guilty)

Sam Hinkie had flaws, but he didn’t hide from them. His flaws were the downfall of his career with the 76ers. Coincidentally, hiring Bryan Colangelo (after his father) was mostly a public relations move, and the local image of the 76ers may be lingering in Billy King land.

Get some rest tonight, Sixers fans.

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