Lionel Hollins: ‘I forgot’ to play Thomas Robinson in first half

Robinson will have a true shot at playing time this season.
Bill Streicher/Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Robinson is pencilled in to be the Nets' third big man heading into the regular season. Note the wording: pencilled, not penned. 

That choice of calligraphy has nothing to do with status, more to do with how coach Lionel Hollins' memory is working on the given night. Here's more from the New York Post's Tim Bontemps after Brooklyn's 92-91 preseason victory over the 76ers this weekend:

The Nets have a bunch of new players on their bench, and Hollins is having to adjust, too. I guess it's preseason for everyone. 

Similarly, Thomas Robinson has the third big man spot locked up behind Lopez and Young — despite the fact he didn’t play in the first half.

So what happened?

“I forgot him,” Hollins said. “I looked down the bench two or three times, and once he was sitting on the floor and I was looking at the bench. The other time he’s on the bike, and I get up and I don’t see him, so I think he’s not even out there.”

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