Brook Lopez on new kind of practice: ‘We kind of took it back to basics’

Lopez isn't usually so downtrodden as he was after the loss to the Magic.
Sam Sharpe/Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets got waxed by the Magic at Barclays Center on Monday evening, and apparently, much of that was on the performance of the home team. At least, that's what the Nets will tell you.

Brooklyn is currently readying to take on the Heat, also at home, Wednesday evening and in the team's preparation for that game comes a new kind of practice. Brook Lopez explained to Brian Lewis of the New York Post:

Lionel Hollins echoed Lopez's sentiments:

Both Hollins and Lopez are right to a degree. The Nets certainly end up loosening their schemes throughout games as their effort starts to falter. That said, it's not like stricter observance of the schemes already in place are going to do much for this team. 

Brooklyn's roster is still lacking talent at almost every position, though Lopez and Thaddeus Young are having good seasons. Hollins, meanwhile, is implementing some ancient ideals. Heck, Brooklyn is last in the league in threes and has made fewer long balls than…Stephen Curry. That's not because of effort. It's because of talent and style. And as long as those two elements are still around, the remainder of the Nets season doesn't look promising.

“A lot of it would be focus and effort. There were things, coach said we were getting a little loose and a little away from what we had been doing,’’ Lopez said. “We just wanted to refocus [Tuesday]. We kind of took it back to basics, did some training-camp stuff. We went into our shell defense, went through that, and tried to get back to our principles a little bit, switch it up.’’

“[It is] not fixing what we did wrong, but getting back to our schemes, tightening things back up offensively and defensively,’’ coach Lionel Hollins said. “We spent time getting back to basics. When you see periods of looseness when you watch film, you go back to the basics and fundamentals and your principles and get everybody reacquainted with them again.

“You go through defense, you’ve got a certain pick-and-roll scheme, you’ve got a certain scheme against post players. And as I said, as you go over time, guys just forget it, guys start getting lax with it, and you just have to go and reinforce it again. It’s like when we practice five on our offense, it’s to reinforce where you’re supposed to be, how we’re supposed to cut, where you’re supposed to cut.

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