Lionel Hollins seems totally cool with Brook Lopez taking threes

Clean off that neck, Brook. You're a three-point man now.
Chris Humphreys/Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Brook Lopez three-point talk is at its peak now. Will the Nets center finally start putting up shots from beyond the arc as he did during Brooklyn's preseason opener when he drained his only long-ball attempt of the game?

There's a narrative here we haven't really spoken about much, though: How does coach Lionel Hollins feel about all of this? Apparently, the man who is branded (maybe unfairly) as an old-school guy who doesn't buy into the analytics or efficiency aspect of the three-point shot is apathetic about the whole ordeal. 

From Tim Bontemps of the New York Post:

“If it happens, it happens,” is the second-most Hollinsy thing. The most? Easily “You guys think about stuff I don’t even think about.” The King of Snark is at the top of his game once again.

So, maybe we'll see some more threes from Lopez. Maybe this won't be an early preseason storyline we all forget about quickly. It might not happen all the time, but maybe this is actually real.

Much to the dismay of those who correctly point out long 2-point jumpers are the least efficient shots in basketball, Lopez has always found himself in the 18-to-20 foot range when he ran pick-and-pops for open jumpers.

Despite the benefits of taking an extra step out behind the 3-point line, Lopez said that isn’t his focus when he’s on the court.

However, it seems clear Lopez will have the green light from Nets coach Lionel Hollins to let it fly from 3-point range if he’s open.

“I’m not running any plays for him, but if he’s out there and it happens, it happens,” Hollins said. “You guys think about stuff I don’t even think about.”

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