Brad Stevens loves being involved in the draft process

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is a virtuous Xs and Os magician. He summons the very best out of those who play for him and puts guys in the best possible position to succeed. 

But Stevens also loves working after the season is over, when it's time for the draft. He still has several ties to collegiate basketball, and enjoys participating in the entire process to help Boston be as good as it can be.

Here's what Stevens recently told the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett about why he lives to evaluable basketball players:

"I like watching guys play. I like the evaluation process. I like the interviews more. Watching these guys now, every college game they play is more meaningful, right? Those games are under the bright lights and you really have to perform with expectations and those type of things. But certainly how you play out here with everybody’s eyes on you is interesting. I wouldn’t put too much or too little into it, but I enjoy watching guys and getting a chance to see them in person for the first time."

Having a coach who loves his job as much as Stevens does is obviously incredibly valuable for the Boston Celtics. He's an intelligent basketball mind, and Boston is greatly served including him in the draft process as they march towards another championship era.

(h/t: Boston Herald)

Photo Credit: Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports