Boston Celtics: Looking To Reignite Rivalry With Lakers

Considered one of the best rivalries in the NBA, the Boston Celtics take on the Los Angeles Lakers

When Showtime and Bird would face off, it was always one of the keys game to watch. These two franchises have the most titles in the NBA and are extremely popular teams. Boston and LA are two of the biggest franchises in the sports industry. It is truly amazing how well these two teams have done, but know they are in that stage where they are rebuilding.

It is always tough to rebuild, but with their history and such, it shouldn’t be too hard for them.

Headlining this matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics is the matchup of Isaiah Thomas vs D’Angelo Russell. These are two guards, even at different points in their careers, continue to develop on a nightly basis.

Both are left-handed, have very rare skills and could explode on the offensive end on any given moment. There’s no question that this will be a battle of the guards.

At the same time, expect the bigs will also play a big role in this game too. Kelly Olynyk and Jae Crowder will have a huge opportunity up against Timofey Mozgov and Tarik Black.

This will be a neat matchup to watch as Mozgov is a huge player who can produce big numbers, while Olynyk and Crowder who are the main reason for the Celtics recent success.

If the Lakers hope to pull off the upset, Russell, Nick Young and Brandon Ingram will need to fill up the scoring column. In the end, though, Thomas, who has been on a tear recently, could very well end up deciding this game.

This matchup will be extremely tough for both sides. It will most likely come down to the guard play and who can put up more points than the other and who plays good defense.

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