Boston Celtics land safely in Oklahoma; bomb threat apparently a hoax


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Boston Celtics got a scare when they were told of a bomb threat on their private flight to Oklahoma City.

The Boston Globe reports the plane landed safely around 5:00 p.m. at Will Rogers World Airport, where players were told to leave their bags and proceed to their hotel.

According to the Globe, Oklahoma City FBI spokesman Terry Weber said the threat was made through a call to the Oklahoma City Police Department during the flight.

The FBI's Oklahoma City field office said late Saturday that a thorough search of the aircraft ''did not locate an explosive device'' and that the agency is investigating the incident.

The Boston Globe says only a few team executives were aware of the threat during the flight and that others in the party were informed upon landing in Oklahoma City, where the Celtics face the Thunder on Sunday.

Boston forward Jae Crowder reacted to the scene on the tarmac.

While the investigation continues, Weber told the paper:

“We’re still looking into this,” Weber said. “But typically, these things turn out to be hoax calls. I’m not saying that’s the case in this one because we still trying to finish things up, but beyond a special threat of some nature — and I can’t speak for the police department — but I doubt if there’s going to be a re-search of the plane they get back on. We’ve got to figure out where the call originated.”

The team departed for Oklahoma City from Bedford, Massachusetts.