Celtics’ Olynyk tries to eat burrito in four bites, hilarity ensues

Kelly Olynyk is human after all.
Bob DeChiara/Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics big man Kelly Olynyk told his teammates he could eat a giant burrito in four bites. They doubted him. Money was wagered. And, well, you’ll have to watch in order to find out what happens next:

(Warning: This video contains language that’s NSFW.)  

If you didn’t witness the whole thing because you’re too busy/lazy, the third-year forward failed to come through in the clutch and almost booted. But really, you need to watch this monumental endeavor. It’s worth a couple minutes of your

Oh well. At least Olynyk’s not a cornerstone piece for one of the most decorated professional sports teams in American history risking life and limb over a burrito. Don’t be a hero, Olynyk.

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