How has Jae Crowder developed into a lethal three-point threat?

Jae Crowder is slowly becoming the outside weapon Boston needs him to be.
Soobum Im/Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Jae Crowder was a throw in for the Boston Celtics when they shipped Rajon Rondo to Dallas last December. He was simply a contract to help make the money work. What they really wanted was a high draft pick. 

But Crowder has developed into an integral piece, and one reason why is his steadily improving outside shot. Here's the Boston Herald with more on how much better Crowder has been behind the three-point line:

His accuracy has jumped nearly nine points since last season, and right now he's someone who defenders can't leave alone. It helps Boston's spacing, but also the actual ability to score points, which hasn't been so easy in year's past. 

If Crowder keeps it up, the five-year contract he signed with the Celtics last July will look like even more of a bargain than it currently does.

“I’m able to get it off a little more how I want to get it off, rather than the defense getting to my shots,” Crowder said. “I’m trying to be aggressive and take what the defense gives me. I’m just being aggressive, believing in my work. My teammates believe in me. I feel like I’m seeing the game at a different side than I’ve ever saw it before at this level. “It’s a work in progress for me, and I watch a lot of film and try to get better with every game.”

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