Celtics’ Crowder studying film to defend the NBA’s brightest stars

Jae Crowder's defense has been tremendous all year.
Brian Babineau

The Boston Celtics don't have a superstar, but they might have a superstar stopper. Jae Crowder has grown to become one of the finest perimeter defenders in basketball, and like most of the league's best, he's constantly studying film to learn all his opponent's tendencies.

Here's MassLive's Jay King with more:

Defense is what he's known for, but Crowder's offensive game has also improved mightily this year. He's now a respectable three-point shooter, and someone opponents can't leave wide open. 

That spaces the floor for Boston ball-handlers like Isaiah Thomas and Evan Turner, and is a major reason why the Celtics are scoring the ball with ease with Crowder on the court. 

But defense is where he hangs his hat. And defense is where he continues to shine.

“I watch film,” he said. Most pros do, but Crowder said he has developed a more consistent routine. Earlier this season, he told MassLive.com he watches about two hours of film — on top of whatever the team watches together — before every game. Approximately 40 minutes of that is spent dissecting his previous outing. The rest is dedicated to learning all about the next opponent and his likely matchups. On the road, he said he sits in his hotel room with an iPad poring through film the night before every game. “It's broken down for me to gain knowledge of the player I'm guarding and to help myself improve,” he said.

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