Boston Celtics: Isaiah Thomas Should Be an MVP Candidate

Five-foot-nine Isaiah Thomas has never backed down from a challenge.  He’s proving that he can do everything a six-foot-five guard can, but better.

If Isaiah Thomas isn’t on your radar for MVP, you need to start watching more Boston Celtics basketball.  He’s averaging the most points in the fourth quarter (10.1) this season, and that’s the most anyone has scored in the fourth in the past 20 years.

Think about it.  This dude is five-foot-nine with sneakers.  He’s out there drilling three’s over seven footers on a nightly basis.  His averages this season? Simply 28  points per game, six assists and three rebounds.  He’s shooting 46% from the floor this season, and in the past ten games?  51%.  Let’s remember, the average height of an NBA player is six-foot-seven.

Can he sustain it?  I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone really does.  Isaiah Thomas isn’t a guy I try to put in a box, because he’s defied so many expectations.  You just have to sit back and watch him do his thing, because wow is it fun.

Personally, I think this crazy season so far has a lot to do with Al Horford.  While Isaiah gets a lot of his shots off the dribble, Al is so good he always has to be accounted for.  His passing and floor spacing have made things so much easier for this team.

Let’s be real, Thomas and the C’s have heard the rumblings. “The Celtics don’t have a superstar”, “They need a real star, there isn’t one on this team.”  The national media doesn’t see what Celtics fans see night in and night out.  If anything those rumblings seem to have hit a nerve with Thomas.  Last night against Charlotte he put up 35 points, last Wednesday against Washington?  38 points.  He’s having a 15′-16′ Steph Curry season, in regards to how unbelievable it is.

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Isaiah Thomas is on my MVP list.  James Harden and Russell Westbrook are phenomenal NBA players.  Those two are in the race as well, no doubt.

But guys, Isaiah Thomas is shutting people up and he’s FIVE-FOOT-NINE.

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