Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas: ‘I definitely feel like I can be an All-Star’

Isaiah Thomas' breakout season has been fun to watch.
Mark J. Rebilas/Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Does Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas deserve to make the All-Star team? It's a question getting more and more attention these days, with the former sixth man now rolling over opponents in Boston's starting lineup.

Here's a closer look at just how impressive Thomas has been, per ESPN Boston:

Thomas' box score numbers, advanced statistics and on/off splits are all incredibly impressive, and rank well across the league. 

If the team continues to win games, they'll get an All-Star. And Thomas is clearly the most deserving candidate.

“I definitely feel like I can be an All-Star. I’m not just saying that. I honestly feel that way,” Thomas said. “With hard work and dedication and just taking my craft serious. And, with the opportunity given with the Boston Celtics, I feel like I can reach that goal.” Thomas currently ranks eighth among all NBA point guards in ESPN's Real Plus/Minus metric. Three of the guards ahead of him reside in the Eastern Conference in Toronto's Kyle Lowry, Detroit's Reggie Jackson, and Washington's John Wall. It hammers home that Thomas has plenty of competition for an All-Start spot, but if balloters are looking to reward Boston should the Celtics maintain their high level of play, he'll get plenty of consideration.

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