The Celtics are talking about playing a game at Fenway Park

Could there be an NBA game at Fenway Park?


Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Could the Boston Celtics lace ’em up at Fenway Park?

Celtics president Rich Gotham told the Boston Globe that the two teams are having informal talks about making this Boston sports dream come true.

"I’ve gotten into it. I really do like the idea," Gotham told the paper. "I think if you can find a way to sort of differentiate the game and make it fun for fans, that’s a great thing. And the Winter Classic certainly does that. Even when Fenway stages certain events, like football games, it just makes it more special for people involved and the fans. I think if you can do it, great. At the same time, my job requires me to be pragmatic, so you’d need to look at the hurdles."


This year’s NHL Winter Classic featured the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens playing at the home of the New England Patriots — Gillette Stadium. The game drew 67,246 fans and was on national television.

The obvious question for this potential NBA event would be when to hold it because weather could play a huge role in an outdoor game held in Boston. Gotham said a preseason game would lessen the allure of the game.

"If you want it to be a really big event," Gotham said, "then the preseason is less pleasing than a regular-season game, where there’s obviously more at stake."

An outdoor game would not be a first for the NBA. The Phoenix Suns played a preseason game at a Palm Springs, Calif., tennis stadium once a year from 2008 to 2010.