Boston Celtics Defeat Lakers for Most Wins All Time

The Boston Celtics take down the Lakers and get the record for most all time wins

The Boston Celtics went into Friday night’s game with a few things on the line. A win secured Brad Stevens in the All Star game, and gave the Celtics their 3253rd win, breaking a tie with the Los Angeles Lakers for most all time, a record that the Lakers held for 16 seasons. Pairing that with their 17 championship wins, and the Celtics have the most wins in every way possible.

Once again, it was Isaiah Thomas who brought the game home. The final margin of six is a little misleading, but the Celtics continually failed to put them away. The Lakers were able to hang around for most of the fourth quarter, but Thomas had a response every time they needed it.

His incredible clutch play is happening each and every night, as he continues to do things that have never been accomplished before in the NBA. Thomas did everything he had to, but he had some help around him this time.

Marcus Smart had one of his best games of the season. He came in and immediately had an impact on the defenisve end, ripping the ball away form the Lakers on multiple occasions, and setting up his teammates perfectly in transition.

The Lakers started the game shooting hot, hitting seven of their first 10 threes. It was Smart’s presence on defense and ability to get the second unit offense going that preventing the Lakers from building a lead. Smart finished with seven assists and five steals, but a poor shooting night kept him at just 10 points. Smart continues to do everything right except shooting.

Jaylen Brown had another strong game. He struggled to finish at the rim at times, but his outside shot looked great, and he finished with a solid 12 points, and was one of the only players to do anything respectable on the boards, bringing in seven.  Brown continues to play with more aggressiveness, and it is helping the team in all phases of the game.

Jae Crowder also had an impact scoring with 18 points. Once the Lakers stopped hitting their shots, the Celtics were always at least one step ahead of them. The Lakers kept it close, but when it mattered most Thomas always had the response they needed to keep some distance between them on the scoreboard.

In a rivalry that has transcended generations, it is remarkable that they got to play each other for the record for most wins all time. The Celtics also get it in the first season where they have looked like a real threat to do damage in the Eastern conference since Brad Stevens took over.

Allowing the Lakers to stay in the game like that also brought out a problem that needs fixing with this team. The Lakers finished with 15 offensive rebounds, and there were multiple occasions where they had at least three rebounds on one offensive possession. The Celtics looked helpless rebounding the ball, and that is certainly not a problem that will go away just with Avery Bradley returning, despite his strong impact on the boards.

The Celtics continue to be the most exciting team, playing the most close games in the league, and fans can be happy that they got to see a decent game  break the all time wins record.

The Celtics are in a great position to build on that record for a long time. The Lakers are looking to keep their pick protected in the top three, and the Celtics have their sights set on the Cavaliers, who better hope that their struggles are behind them. Another month like January and the Celtics could very well get themselves in position to take the one seed.

The Celtics get Brad Stevens into the All Star game with Thomas, and they should be going into that game feeling great about where they are. The Celtics are being patient with Bradley, but the more they win the safer they can play it with him, setting them up to go on a great run into the playoffs.

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